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Physical Activity Champion

What is a ‘Physical Activity Champion’?


Physical Activity Champions are responsible for promoting, organising and arranging delivery of exciting sports and physical activity sessions for the benefit of people aged over 50 in the district, particularly those that are currently inactive. This includes ensuring East Herts Council receive the relevant forms for monitoring and evaluation.


Champions also work with the council to identify and recruit:


a) local volunteers to help the Physical Activity Champion with administration, promotion and recruitment of participants in activities.


b) Qualified instructors who are knowledgeable about the exercise needs of older people. Physical Activity Champions work alongside these instructors to build trust, confidence and enthusiasm in  activities on offer.



Other responsibilities for volunteers include:


• To motivate and encourage sedentary adults aged over 50  to participate  in regular physical activity

• Serve  as a “sports buddy”, communicating with existing and prospective participants, celebrating group and individual achievements  

• Help set up ‘Fitness and Friendship Groups’ that offer physical activities for older people in a fun, friendly and sociable environment

• To serve as a spokesperson and role model for older people who are fit and active

• To collate participant data, invoices and income/expenditure accounts and submit to East Herts Council




Forever Active East Herts is also offering training opportunities for volunteesr to become fitness coaches. Please get in touch if you are interested in taking part and becoming a volunteer:


• Exercise delivery for older people

• Making Every Contact Count

• Public health

• Dementia awareness

• Small groups development

• Sports leadership